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Our Motto?

🎁Moments. Magic. Madness🎁

-Share a “Moment”❤

-Create a “Magic Bubble”💙

-Unleash the “Madness”👫👭


Why do we do, what we do?

We are constant researchers of “New Gift products”.

We believe in giving surprises and getting surprised. It is when we found that 65% of the people all around the world gift the same age old birthday gifts like cake, belts, wallet’s and for Marriages gifts like bouquet, Household articles, Cash envelopes. Eh! Really?
It is nice to gift something to someone, no doubt!

But does it make them really happy? Did you really gift anything which was worth remembering? (Thinking Thinking!!)

Here, we curate the best of the gifts and items which are worth buying, sharing and “Attention seeking”. We are in constant search for –
1. “New and Crazy” birthday gifts for your friends which will make them go mad over you.
2. We have curated a list for “Movie Lovers”
and the “Action Lovers”.
3. “Trending”
and “Useful” product in and around the market.
4. “GIFTS”
worth remembering.
5. “Melting Hearts” – For Couples.
6. Gifts for “College goers”
7. “From my heart” kind of gifts for your “Loved ones”
8. “Filmy” kind of product suggestions for that crazy “Filmy friend” of yours who never says NO to Bollywood and Hollywood goodies.
9. “Not so common”
gifts to make you stand out.
10. “Making lives easier” products.
11. “DIY”
12. “Quirky and Whacky” stuffs for that cool friend in your group.
13. You never know – May be the most relevant GIFT you were looking for 😉 ( You can share the experience with us in hello@squirinch.com , we are happy to hear our customers)