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We believe in curating the best product for our users, So this Page/Product may contain affiliate links from companies we are associated with.

Our Motto?

🎁Moments. Magic. Madness🎁

-Share a “Moment”❤
-Create a “Magic Bubble”💙
-Unleash the “Madness”👫👭

“Squirinch” is your Filmy Surprise Partner. We believe in keeping your gifts SECRET and FUN till the end.


When did this start?

Here we are, the beginning of 2018 dropping in to help you out with surprisingly new ideas and gifting solution.
A new year, a fresh start! Some goals achieved, some still remains in the wish list. Few target accomplished, few yet desired to be. We all know that Life is full of drama, action, madness, surprises, functions and all the socializing things. We all want to stand out and make a difference in our own ways, and actually speaking there is a scope for “Anyone” and “Everyone” to be unique in their own way. But most of us restrict themselves to the solutions available near us. No one is ready to search for something new and eye-catchy, they are happy with the things available around. That’s easy, but that’s definitely not IDEAL.
Don’t be lazy, be active. Make that extra effort to make someone else’s and your day a special one.
Still doesn’t sound appealing and get you out from your bed/ chair? Reach to our website www.squirinch.com and find a solution the easier way!

Birthday and surprises

Why do we do, what we do?

We are constant researchers of “New Gift products”. We believe in giving surprises and getting surprised. It is when we found that 65% of the people all around the world gift the same age old birthday gifts like cake, belts, wallet’s and for Marriages gifts like bouquet, Household articles, Cash envelopes. Eh! Really?
It is nice to gift something to someone, no doubt! But does it make them really happy? Did you really gift anything which was worth remembering? (Thinking Thinking!!)


How better can it be?

This is the new era. The INTERNET ERA. The SOCIAL ERA. Everyone is becoming tech savvy enough o order products online and get things of their choice. Earlier we were limited to choices available in the local stores near us, but that’s just NOT the case NOW.
We have millions of products out there to choose from. We get bogged down with the list, also get trapped with the “Marketing” of not so worthy products.
Here, we curate the best of the gifts and items which are worth buying, sharing and “Attention seeking”. We are in constant search for –

1. “New and Crazy” birthday gifts for your friends which will make them go mad over you.
2. We have curated a list for “Movie Lovers”
and the “Action Lovers”.
3. “Trending”
and “Useful” product in and around the market.
4. “GIFTS”
worth remembering.
5. “Melting Hearts” – For Couples.
6. Gifts for “College goers”
7. “From my heart” kind of gifts for your “Loved ones”
8. “Filmy” kind of product suggestions for that crazy “Filmy friend” of yours who never says NO to Bollywood and Hollywood goodies.
9. “Not so common”
gifts to make you stand out.
10. “Making lives easier” products.
11. “DIY”
12. “Quirky and Whacky” stuffs for that cool friend in your group.
13. You never know – May be the most relevant GIFT you were looking for 😉 ( You can share the experience with us in hello@squirinch.com , we are happy to hear our customers)

Surprise! Surprise!

How “Squirinch” is Unique and what it specializes in?

Everyone of us is bored of the same age old gifts, we strive to bring in something different and not so common products in your fingertips. We believe in providing our customers some “Out of the Box” and “Unique” gifting solution.
Some customized, some not! But all of them being made with love and passion.

Family events and parties

What we don’t do?

We are not that E-commerce site which boggles you out with Millions of products. We don’t manufacture/make the product. No! That’s not our job. When there are 1000’s of products out there from tens of thousands of brands then why to restrict yourself with one or two? (Makes sense?)


What we BLOG about?

1. We blog about the “Best of the products from our list”, about its features and reviews.
2. We also blog about the “Product” which catches our eye and which is worth a share.
3. We provide you with stats and figures of the most selling items around the world.


Social Sharing?

We believe in “Sharing and Chilling”.
What do we mean? Something just caught your attention, then why to restrict it to you? Go on and click the share button and let your friends know about the product.
You never know!!

For example – You like “Guitar” and your friend likes to jam with an “Octopad” and the third one is good with his/her voice – you could be jamming together for the rest of your life together. And how did this all happen? Yess! You are right, “SHARING YOUR IDEAS”

Want to Join in our group?

Everyone is welcome for “Guest Posting” and “Social sharing”. Just drop a mail to us hello@squirinch.com and we will get back to you soon.

Theme Parties

What is our Long term Goal?

To make you available with products and GIFTS which are “Unique, Quirky, Cool”, which just fits in perfectly to your/your loved one’s need and desire.
Sparking up the “Mood and the Moment”, that’s all that a SURPRISE demands.
Go grab you “SQU-BOX” now and create a “Magic Bubble”.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our website and social media channels .

Lots of cool stuff coming in soon, get the most of it. Stay in the loop!

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