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He wants to be cool. She wants to be trendy. YOU love styling. Don’t you??

Being “Stylish. Trendy. Classy” is the new generation’s motto.

As they say,

“Fashion fades, but the style remains”. Because it’s the style which creates long lasting impression.

Style is important! And styling the correct way is what makes you stand out.

I would start with ideas for men first, because ladies, the list is for you is always longgg!! (Oh, and lovely too)

Styling tips for HIM :

(To all the Ladies reading this- you could suggest it to your partner)

  1. Always! Match your belt with your shoes.

Everyone needs to know this, I’ve seen a lot of men (and i mean a lot) who never pay attention to this. MEN, do focus on your styling techniques, because Women identify these things a lot quicker than you think, and you don’t want a bad impression. Do you?

Especially when among your group in the party. WE NEED TO STAND OUT!!


  1. You need to wear a Pair of Socks In The Same Colour As That of Your Pant or Shoes.

Yes! People generally don’t notice your socks. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore. Focus! Because they say “Small things matter over long run”.

Its your sense of style that creates you!

3.The Tie at its widest point must match the Lapel at its widest point.

Have you been conscious enough to note this before?

If not, then add it up to your styling list. Being classy is never out of fashion.


  1. An Oversized shirt? I mean, seriously?? A strict “No No”

Do Not Wear Oversized Shirts Whose Seam Slips Off Your Shoulders. It doesn’t look good. Trust me. Whether you are skinny or muscular, an oversized shirt don’t go with the trend.


  1. Jacket hack -Use vaseline to ease your jacket zipper.

Yes, it indeed does the work. Note it in your memory vault.

Simple yet effective.

Simple yet effective

  1. Bell bottoms?

It is outta style these days, but for the one who like to wear bell bottoms, remember-Wear Boots With Bell Bottom Denims Without Letting It Look clumsy.

  1. Wear vertical stripes to look tall.

Yes. Science says that vertical stripes makes you look taller, The illusion effect. May be we should trust science, try it once atleast and go get our own reviews from our friend circle to believe it.

Vertical stripes

  1. Use good aftershave lotions

Summer is here, you don’t need itchy skin amd redness all over. Spend a bit more,Use a quality aftershave which gives you smoother skin and a better fragrance.

Flip flops

Styling tips for HER:

(To all the men reading this, you could sweetly suggest it to your girl)

Thankyou Note– I added the “HER” style statement inspired from a friend of mine who herself is “classy and cool” and explained me some of her styling hacks over a cup of coffee.

Here you go-

  1. Revamp a Casual Dress Into a Chic One By Tying The Belt in Creative Knots.

Yes! Creative knot always comes as a saviour. Easy, effective, ultra stylish and beauty quotient.

Trying different styles don’t make you any worse, it just makes you better and classier.

Revamp with knots

  1. Remove pill like balls from the fabric with the help of a razor.

Aw! That can be indeed frustrating (isn’t it girls?). The pill like balls, you don’t need that. Try this dress hack to get over it.

3.Evaluate your closet

Yes. I know, you always do that. But evaluate it with different mindset“each day, each time”.

Think according to the occassion and do the magical choice!

Evaluate your closet

  1. Mix and match

Almost everyone of you must have done this. And you should also keep it doin, because style and trends are created by YOU.

What looks sexy is fashionable. Everyone follows you.

  1. Change your Hair style

Every now and then do this. A different hair style is what does the magic sometimes.

Have you noticed the bolloywood/hollywood celebreties doing this?

Straightening. Curly. U-cut. Long. Silky. Tied and a lot lot more.

Yes you have often seen that, the hair styling is what gives them a complete new and gorgeous look. So why not try one yourself ?? (once in a while)

Chick style

  1. Fit comes first

Fit clothes is the catch. It shows the real you. And you should love and admire yourself the way you are. Coz the world will always judge you, ignoring is bliss at times.

Fit clothes makes you feel confident and stylish from within.

Stylish shoes

  1. Stick to classic clothing staples

Also, at times stick to those classic clothes. You don’t always need to look like you are on a vacation. Those classy corporate clothing also has many varients to style with. Try onn, flip onn!

Paint the world

  1. Trim your wardrobe as much as you can.

The compact the wardrobe, the better it is. (I know you would not agree with this)

But you should keep all the “lovely” stuff and clothes in a single wardrobe so you could pick on from the brand new and accessories.


  1. Try new things

Try new accessories, and try it often. You nwer know who would be impressed and awestruck by your new style statement.
Young girls dress to look older and vice-versa.

Looking mature and smary is what young girls want, so sometimes dress that way. Dress like a mature old women who keeps the style statement as well as looks professional.

And for a bit older women (A BIT, no offence meant), you could sometimes mix and match with some fashionable young clothes bright in colour to get a different feel and look at times.


  1. Love the colours

Black is beauty. Agreed! But Colours are fashionable. Colours has magic. The rainbow looks beautiful for a reason. Isn’t it?

And also Looking chirpy and cute at times is what you want.
So yes!! Go style your summer keeping these handy tips at top. Hope the same would have made an addition to your style quotient.

Style Quotient

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What is your very own style quotient?

Add in the comments below and “share you style”

Happy Reading!

-Akshay Iyer.

(Coffee lover. Traveller. Movieismyfirstlove. Enthusiast. Foodie.)

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